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Midwest is Best?

First things first, I GRADUATED!!

i have dedicated 4 and a half years to UCSD and its finally over. During my last couple of months i was more than ready to leave college. I feel, like a lot of people, that i am not made for academia. Don’t get me wrong, most of the classes i’ve taken have been inspiring and informative. But not all classes were like this for me.

I am gonna miss San Diego, it has a lot to offer and even though I am living at home for now, i know the bay area is where i want to be…well, for now.

As a grad present of sorts to myself, I booked my flight to Chicago, Illinois to visit my Barcelona study abroad friends. I have missed them terribly and now, i miss them even more.

Chicago was lovely and cold as ice. The wind was literally splitting my face open (sorry if that was too graphic of a description). I got to spend some amazing time with Stephanie’s family and my illinois girls! We stayed at an airbnb in Chicago and it was tres chic! i got a little wine drunk and had a lovely night with them.

I think my favorite part out of this whole trip was being able to experience U of I, even if it was only for a couple of days. UCSD does not provide what i would call a “traditional” college experience, very opposite of U of I. The architecture was classic and beautiful with brick buildings everywhere you turned. There were sorority and fraternity houses. There is green street where there are a lot of amazing bars to hang out in.

I sat in on some of my friends classes, chilled in the quad taking in the sun, talked about life, and literally couldnt have imagined a more magical trip then this one right here.

I had it planned thursday that i would get the full college experience as a post grad in one night. The last thing i had to do was get completely wasted. Like many of you know, drinking is not something i really do. I have nothing against it I just hate the taste and dont partake. But Thursday night was the night where I just let it happen.

Yes. I mixed. bad. And i paid for it the next morning. But it was all so WORTH IT! I had an amazing time with everyone and I was surprisingly social and not awkward at all. It was probably one of the best nights of my life though i can only remember small snippets, at least they were all pretty awesome snippets.

My last night i went out again, but i couldnt down anything because of the night before. I was more awkward and all i wished was to be drunk again but without the tormenting hangover. Regardless, i couldnt drink like i did the night before because i had a bus and plane to catch early in the morning. I do regret not going all out though. i shouldve just gone for it, i felt so alive!

it sort of pains me to say that i might be more fun when im drunk. But i think it happens to the majority of the population. But i know deep down that im still a pretty cool girl sober.

Anyways, here are some pics of the time i had in lincoln park, chicago

IMG_2994 IMG_2996 IMG_3002 IMG_3004 IMG_3005 IMG_3006 IMG_3008 IMG_3010

my muse :)

my muse🙂



Today I am proud to announce that I have successfully moved in to my San Diego room. Well I mean, its not your traditional room with four walls and a decent amount of privacy…but who needs privacy these days?… its actually a living room!

I am trying to save money on rent and save for future traveling opportunities🙂

My living room has two walls, one of them has a huge window, which I love! I’m a huge fan of natural light and I actually prefer waking up to the sun rather than shutting it out completely. I guess you can say I’m an early riser.

With the help of me dear father, we set up my room after an 8 hour drive from San Mateo. We hit traffic in LA, surprise, and the truck had no air conditioning and we were stuck in 91 degree weather…And for that, I don’t think I will ever willingly live in LA.

We went to IKEA and picked up four room dividers, the ones you see in the picture, it’s funny because he chose them, not me, and I’m glad he did, I absolutely adore them. The top part of it reminded me of my balcony in Barcelona. We brought my desk, chair, bed, rug, and clothing rack from home. We hit up Walmart for last minute supplies and there is where we picked up the 3 drawer plastic thing.

Then I decorated it as I saw fit. All the things in my room iv’e had, that’s what happens when you get to college, you already have all the supplies you need from the previous year.

I am super excited to put some stuff on my wall, I have an idea of what so I will keep that updated.

Oh and I haven’t posted recently because I have been living without Wi-Fi! The cable company comes tomorrow so lets hope everything goes well because I have some things to attend to on the web.

I’ve been cooking for myself a lot more, and I feel really comfortable in this place. It also helps that I am living with my dear friend Rebecca, who I met in 9thgrade and studied abroad with! She is a true gem. We are also sharing with two other random girls. We are all living in a two-story townhome near school and they each have their own room. We have our own washer and dryer for laundry so that is exciting! We also have a fully equipped kitchen with a functioning oven. WE HAVE A PATIO! So nice!

I’m ready to start the school year, I’m nervous to start work but hey, it’s got to happen some time.

IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2848 IMG_2847 IMG_2846 IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2840


I put my pinterest to use, i know, about time right? I decided to do a sort of garden tea party theme. It turned out lovely and with the help of my mom, the food was delicious.

I made the appetizers which were mini sliders, pigs in a blanket, and watermelon cubes

for refreshments we had blueberry lemonade, mikes hard lemonade/strawberry lemonade, and wine coolers.

For the main course, we had chicken with mushroom cream sauce, jasmine rice, and salad.

Then, keep in mind, were all extremely full, but my mother brings out chocolate fondue and it is too scrumptious to pass up.

Later into the night, i took out my Sippy Cupcakes, flavors carrot cake and red velvet🙂. SO YUMMY.

i had an amazing time with everyone.

please forgive the quality of the pictures, the focus on my camera is broken, so i have to get that fixed IMG_2788 IMG_2790 IMG_2792 IMG_2795 IMG_2797 IMG_2805 IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2812 IMG_2817


This past weekend was the weekend where I was at my first music festival in the U S of A! What made this music festival so great, oh you know, just a little band known as THE F***ing STROKES! I literally couldn’t believe it happened, my feet were sore, I could barely walk and I was tired as a bear during hibernation but man did they put on a show! The strokes have been with me since my freshmen year in college, and they got me out of my, for lack of a better word, depression.

There were other bands and peeps performing that were also my cup of tea like, well I mean, Julian casablancas and the voidz, grimes, Albert Hammond jr., to my pleasant surprise, I enjoyed blood orange, etc…

I got my first strokes tee too! Sleeveless, just like Julian likes it. And the best is that it’s classic and comfy!

A dream come true indeed.

Oh, and a massive tan on my chest area, no sunburn so that’s good!







ONE DAY MORE, definitely more

Two days ago was the one year anniversary of my journey to Spain, or shall I say, Catalunya? I don’t even know what to say except for the fact that I want…nay, I NEED to return to Europe. It’s been nice being in California and such, but my experiences in Barcelona remain fresh in my memory and its hard to say this, but nothing really compares to that city, those moments, and that feeling. I don’t know if it was the amount of independence I had or something but I have a feeling that a couple years living in different cities in Europe is exactly what I want to do. Or maybe I just need to venture out, maybe it doesn’t even need to be Europe. This study abroad experience was the match that lit the flame, it began this ever rolling rollercoaster towards the need to see something more than what my life in California has to offer. I feel that here its difficult for me to get inspired, it was so easy over there. I could sit in plaza universitat, a plaza in gracia, passeig de sant joan, el borne, basically anywhere and just whip out my sketchbook and draw. It didn’t matter what because everything that surrounded me was so beautiful. Everything had some sort of story and everything, even the freaking hue of the sky, carried some sort of aged beauty that I cant explain. ALAS, Barcelona is truly a dream city, every corner you turn is like a new adventure. Every walk leads you somewhere new. With Barcelona, you always need to make a double take or you’ll miss something, I find this thrilling!
Anyways, all i know at this moment is that i need to go back. i honestly feel so alive over there.

CLOSING TIME…One last call for…

(chu know what to do, sing along!)


Is it worth it, let me work it, i put my thing down…


August 24th, 2013:

It was the worst of times. This is the one day out of the entire 10 months of studying abroad that i felt like complete shit. Twas the first night in Barcelona, i roomed with rebecca, my dear friend from home, and i hadn’t had any sleep for about 25 or more hours. We had to go straight to orientation and then we were expected to socialize over dinner. That night i had this overwhelming feeling to hail a taxi, get to the airport, get on the first flight to SF and never look back. i could still make it in time for school, i thought.

hmmm, yep, thank goodness that didn’t happen.

I love Barcelona, its creative, innovative, warm, youthful, safe, and quaint, but can i be frank? Barcelona wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without all the radical friends i made. If i were to return to Barcelona, it wouldn’t be the same. why? because the people that i cherish so dearly won’t be here. Most of my friends are americans or international students like me, so what is Barcelona without the gang? its still something, it just isn’t everything.

My biggest fear about leaving is…that this whole year will feel like a dream…as if it never happened…

But you know what?

Life will keep on keeping on, and even when you find something so good, you have to let it go eventually, we can’t all be stuck in paradise for too long…where’s the fun in that? I had a good thing in san diego, and i left it all to study abroad and I’ve gained so much from it! now its time to let my barcelona experience go and Start a new adventure, an adventure where i finally know who i am and I’m gonna do something about it!

i really want to thank my family for all their support and understanding, none of this would’ve been possible without them. I want to let everyone know that they have made my time abroad the most AMAZING, REMARKABLE, MAGICAL, and MEMORABLE experience i could ever have.

Here are a couple snippets of the High points of this year:

-My 21st Birthday

-every trip to SITGES

-Chilling at cosmo


-That one night where a random group of us bar hopped? ate some interesting pasta, and had a very cold sleepover

-Stephanie’s potlucks


-that one night after OPIUM at that one Doner kebab place with throwback songs😉

-1st Nick Havana experience


-BUNKER days

-my first time trying tinto de verano


-That one night we had an electro-latino dance party at my place after making some mexican food #chipsandGUAC


-the days where none of us wanted to go home and we would cafe hop like nobody’s business





-that night emily, dalia, and myself were very “alegre” at the club.

-discovering parc de la ciutadella

-Chilling on my balcony

Honestly…there are just way too many high points.

As for low points…meh, they don’t matter.

So Barcelona, I guess this is it, you’ve done me well and you will always be my favorite city in europe.

Hasta Luego,


PS. the sound and the feel of this song just reflects how i feel